More than a nerd

She stayed up late every night and woke up early every morning. She scarificed so much of her sleep because it just didn’t seem important. She had dark circles under her eyes and she found herself struggling to keep up with classes because of her lack of rest. She didn’t let that stop her. She worked harder than anybody else. She spent every waking hour with a textbook in her hand, trying to remember every little detail. She had solved every single sum in her books and she looked for more to do. She tried so hard to do well in every subject and every mark she lost in an exam, pierced her heart because she only ever wanted to excel and make everyone proud. They called her a ‘nerd’ and maybe that’s what she was, but she was also more than that. She was a hard working, caring person who just wanted to feel appreciated for all the effort she put into her work. She wasn’t just a nerd. She was smarter than all the slackers who didn’t care about their work. She tried her best at doing the things she was bad at.She was a person who was ready to put her heart and soul into her work. She was prepared to do anything to achieve. There was so much more to her personality. She was so much more than just a girl who studied too much.