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Ready Player One(novel)

This has been pending for a while because I read the book weeks ago and it’s been longer than that since I watched the movie. Yes, I watched the movie before I read the book. I never usually do that. Anyway, I loved both. The book and the movie are quite different from each other, but they’re both great. I’m reviewing the book though. Clearly.

It’s a science fiction novel by Ernest Cline. The first book he ever wrote. It’s amazing for a debut. The story is set in a point in the future when the world is a mess and is on the verge of collapsing and the people escape their terrible lives being immersed in a virtual reality called ‘The Oasis’.

When the creator of the Oasis, the eccentric genius, James Halliday dies, he brings the world’s attention to an easter egg hunt he created within the Oasis, winning which would change the person’s life completely. He hides three keys in the Oasis that unlock three gates consequently, eventually leading to the digital easter egg. The first to find the egg gets an immense fortune and complete control of the Oasis. The announcement of the Easter Egg hunt gets the entire world in a mad rush to win it.

After years of barely any progress in solving Halliday’s clues, an unlikely teenager named Wade Watts finds the first key, bringing him instant fame and attracting some dangerous enemies who’d do anything to win.

The book has so many references to pop culture, famous movies and books, some of which I’m familiar with. Wade Watts is an instantly likeable character with his awkwardness and his extensive knowledge on Halliday and pop culture which he flaunts quite frequently.

The concept is brilliant, the story is gripping and the book has you completely involved in it for however long it takes to finish it. Despite the fact that I watched the movie first and it ruined the experience for me a little bit, it was definitely a good read.

It’s totally worth reading. If you want to watch the movie though, go ahead. It doesn’t stick to the book exactly, but it was pretty amazing. It’s a Steven Spielberg movie. It can’t not be amazing. I absolutely loved it. But read the book first. It’s always better that way. I’ve honestly got to read more of Ernest Cline. He’s a good writer. Trust me. He’s good.



6 words: I am the Queen of Awesomeness!

2 thoughts on “Ready Player One(novel)

  1. I bought this book a couple months ago with plans to read the book then watch the movie but never got around to it :/
    But if it’s really as good as you say I’ll definitely give it a go!!

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