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My playlist

Panic! at the Disco’s new album is out!!!! If I haven’t mentioned my obsession with them before, I’m mentioning it now! P!ATD is absolutely amazing! I’ve only really been into their kind of music for the last few months. It’s an ‘alternative’ band so it’s a lot louder than the stuff I used to listen to. And although I’d heard a couple of P!ATD songs before, I wasn’t that into them. But as of now, I’m officially a ‘sinner’ (that’s what we’re called). It’s awesome!

They change up their tune a lot so their songs don’t all sound the same. The lead singer and only remaining original member, Brendon Urie has a mindblowing voice! And they’ve got some killer music videos! What else could you possibly ask for?

My tastes, particularly in music, change a lot. But I can totally tell that Brendon Urie and Panic! at the Disco are going to be a long term obsession. And their new album is out!! It’s called ‘Pray For The Wicked’ and I’ve already listened to the three songs they released earlier and loved them! So this fangirling was inevitable!

Anyway, the point of this post was to make a playlist of P!ATD songs along with a few other songs I’m currently listening to. So here it is.

  • Emperor’s New Clothes (P!ATD)
  • Miss Jackson (P!ATD)
  • Don’t Threaten Me With A Good Time (P!ATD)
  • The Ballad Of Mona Lisa (P!ATD)
  • Death Of A Bachelor (P!ATD)
  • Collar Full (P!ATD)

and there’s a lot more of that, but now I’m going to get to the other songs by other bands and artists.

  • Quarter Past Mindnight (Bastille)
  • Pompeii (Bastille)
  • My Boy (Billie Eilish)
  • Bellyache (Billie Eilish)
  • Dance To This (Troye Sivan ft. Ariana Grande)
  • Entertainer (Zayn)
  • Girls Like You (Maroon 5 ft. Cardi B)

And yeah. That’s about it for now. Au revoir!



6 words: I am the Queen of Awesomeness!

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