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Cyberbullying and Miscommunication on the Internet.

Electronic devices have taken away our ability to communicate properly with one another. It’s just so easy to hide behind a screen and say anything. Behind that screen, we can be anyone we want to be, say anything we want to say and actually feel safe while doing it. What we don’t realize is while we’re enjoying the freedom we get this way, we end up hurting other people. Sometimes it’s intentional. No one can catch you if you sit behind a computer screen and say harsh things to people so you feel the need to do it. Sometimes, you just feel so secure behind the screen that your darkest thoughts come to the surface. You end up being your worst self. Cyberbullies might just be sweet, caring people in real life. You never know.

Social media is a major zone for cyberbullying. The comments section is where most of it seems to happen. The victims are threatened, humiliated or harassed over the internet, but they can’t admit that they’ve been bullied online. The internet can do a whole lot of damage. Technology gives people a whole new platform to destroy each other. Humans are destructive creatures and we will never stop trying to hurt each other.

But people on the internet might say things they don’t mean or have their words interpreted in the wrong way. The internet causes so many misunderstandings that would never happen in a real life conversations. It’s amazing how your voice tone or facial expressions or physical gestures contribute so much to a conversation and prevent misinterpretation of anything you say. Why can’t people just talk things out face to face or over the phone? They could avoid a whole lot of nonsense.

Now that I’m talking about this, I should say that I was one of those people who sit behind the screen of their device and say and do the worst things. I acted out at some of my best friends and insulted them and I didn’t even realize what I’d done until it was too late. It’s weird how I transformed into a completely different person behind that screen. No one knew who I was anymore. It took me a lot of time to realize that I didn’t know either. I was just consumed by that other person. The Mr. Hyde to my Dr. Jekyll. The internet seems to bring out the worst in me. I’m angrier and ruder and just plain horrible. After it’s over, I play victim every single time. But I was never a victim. I was a perpetrator amd I’m obviously not proud of it.

I think important conversations shouldn’t be had on the internet. People have to watch what they say and make sure they don’t completely change into someone they don’t know. State your opinions, but don’t hurt anyone in the process of proving yourself right. Everyone you know loves the person you are in real life. Nobody likes the evil person behind the screen. 

The internet might seem like the best invention in the world, but it’s flawed, just like anything else. Don’t let it turn you into something you’re not because you might end up losing something important to you. And don’t ever say anything that could hurt someone you didn’t intend to hurt. Rude things you say on the internet seem right when you’re not the one getting hurt. Cyberbullying can even cause victims to want to kill themselves. And the bullies don’t even seem to realize they’re hurting someone quite badly. If we actually got it into our heads that it’s not okay to hurt someone online because no one can see or hear us, we might have a chance at stopping Cyberbullying. 




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