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A letter to my worst enemy.

Dear Math,

I’ve spent years struggling to keep up with your problems. It only gets harder every year. I knew I hated you from the very beginning. I just wasn’t sure why, until I started to realize that you hated me too. 

You made it easy for other people to solve your problems, but it was always difficult for me. I ended up spending so much time trying to understand why you needed other people to find you solutions. I’m still waiting for the day when solving your problems will actually benefit me in some way. I don’t even get paid for it! You have way too many problems and I’m just not the right person to solve them. I don’t understand why you can’t just grow up and solve them yourself! I think you decided that I wouldn’t succeed when you first met me and you decided to increase the difficulty of your problems so I would just quit.

Your plan actually worked! Every single time I get stuck, I quit. The only drawback for you is that I’m forced to resume trying to find your solutions and your ‘x’. Your ‘x’ clearly doesn’t want to be found by me. Neither does your ‘y’ or your ‘a’ or any of your other variables.

I wish you would just let me win for once. If you did that, I would leave you and never bother you again. Just let go of your ego for once and I’ll let go of mine. Let’s not indulge our mutual hatred and lose our chance to be rid of each other. I hope you consider this. I will see you very soon. Until then, goodbye.

Yours sincerely,




6 words: I am the Queen of Awesomeness!

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