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What I think of malls

They’re probably heaven for shopaholics, but for me, I’m not exactly a big fan. I only like go to malls if we’re watching a movie or we’re going to the bookstore. If either a bookstore or a movie theatre does not exist in a particular mall, then count me out because I don’t think I’m coming. Actually, I might, if you can convince me that there’s some good food in there.

I can never go shopping for clothes with people because I don’t understand clothes. I’m always comfortable wearing a t-shirt with jeans and I don’t really care about how I look and what I wear. I know a lot of people who aren’t like that. They try on a million different outfits. They take forever in changing room and I just get bored.

I don’t like malls because I’m always lost there. I don’t know what to do there. Everyone around me seems right at home, but I feel like an outsider. I enter a mall and suddenly, I’m a Martian, disguised as an Earthling. I just happen to look like I belong with humans.

When I enter the bookstore though, I feel like I’ve reentered Martian territory. The smell of new books fills the air and it’s just as amazing as the smell of old books, but entirely different. Breathing in that air gives me a whole new feeling of being alive. They should make perfumes with the fragrances of old books and new books. That sounds like a great idea.

There’s another annoying thing about malls: the people. I hate going there on holidays like Christmas because they’re too crowded. I pity the shop employees because they have to deal with all these rude customers in such big numbers. There are people everywhere and they’re always standing in the way, taking selfies. It’s so annoying! I’m always resisting the urge to yell at these people to get out of my way. If they’re not standing in your way, they’re pushing you out of their way. Why are people so annoying?

Then comes clothes shopping; the thing I hate the most in malls. People act like it’s a good thing when you have a lot of options. I think it’s the opposite. The more options you have, the harder it is to choose and malls always have a million options to choose from. Then there’s the part where you try out the clothes. There’s always a long queue. I hate the word ‘queue’. 80% of its letters are redundant. It’s an annoying word. As a whole, shopping is terrible.

Malls aren’t all bad though. There are a lot of options when it comes to clothes and accesories. Everything is so vibrant. You find things of the lightest yellow and of the darkest green. There are so many different shades of every single colour. The visual appeal is just amazing. It’s one place where you can buy a lot of things so it makes shopping so much easier. And I can never forget the food. There’s always something to eat when I have nothing else to do. I definitely don’t eat to live. I live to eat. Therefore, food is always welcome. So I guess malls aren’t that bad. It’s just one destination for everything from clothes to books to electronics and even groceries. Whether or not you agree with my opinion, make the most of the place the next time you find yourself at a mall. Good luck avoiding queues! And have fun shopping!



6 words: I am the Queen of Awesomeness!

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