Among the Stars.

Hey! If you’re here, then get ready to be hit by some crazy thoughts and maybe some controversial opinions, but also a lot of totally relatable stuff because I write all of this and more. My posts are kind of eclectic. Just a warning though, I’m not very consistent. But I am a lot of fun(I think). If you like it, then stay tuned because there’s a lot more coming!

Wait! Before you move on to the important stuff, let me explain the title of this page. It’s called ‘Among the Stars’ because that’s where my thoughts are. They are high up in space, with the stars which would explain why they sometimes sound crazy. My mind is among the stars and I like it there.

P.S. there should be a drop-down menu on top where you’ll find the blog page. That’s where my actual posts are. Anyway, I hope you stick around.